Q1. What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical hair restoration?

Non-surgical hair restoration is a non-invasive and painless process in which your hair can greatly be increased in hair density, length and volume whereas you have to undergo surgery and intake medicines in surgical hair restoration method. <

Q2. What’s the method?

There are number of services available for non-surgical hair restoration and method may vary. <

Q3. What kind of hair is used to make the replacement?

We use 100% high quality human hair. <

Q4. Will I be able to live a normal life with my hair on?

Absolutely! You can swim, play, dance and do whatsoever you feel like a normal human being. <

Q5. Do you offer your services to customers outside Chhattisgarh?

Absolutely! You can swim, play, dance and do whatsoever you feel like a normal human being.

Q6. Is hair restoration safe?

Our non-surgical hair restoration has proven to be extremely safe way of gaining hair.

Q7. Is non-surgical friendly to skin?

Hair prosthesis are especially developed keeping the customer’s safety in mind. As these hair pieces are either clipped or glued using skin cosmetic glue, attention has always been paid not only to provide a realistic look but also considerably skin friendly solution.

Q8. Is it possible to cover complete baldness?

Yes, with advanced techniques and process it is absolutely possible to deal with even complete baldness. Even the cancer patients who have lost all their hair post chemotherapy can go for non-surgical hair restoration.

Q9. Is there any side effect to existing hair in non-surgical process?

No. Non-surgical hair replacement does not affect your existing hair.

Q10. Do I need to pay more attention for maintenance?

Not much but, similar to your own hair. You should brush your hair and follow general hair care methods regularly. Avoid too much ironing from the roots.

Q11. Is it going to look like my own hair?

Definitely, hair prosthetics are designed to look and feel like your own hair as if it is growing right out of your scalp.